Housing for the elderly program

The purpose of the activity is to offer affordable housing for healthy low income seniors residing in New Jersey. Each home will accommodate 2-4 independent adults of the age 62 or older.

The housing facility will be a shared home offering a state of the art living environment, security, companionship in a family-style living arrangement without home ownership burdens. Our residents will combine a lifestyle of gracious living, the privacy and spaciousness of a traditional home and companionship. Every home will be located in a family neighborhood. All accommodations will provide professional maintenance and housekeeping services inside and out. Residents will have their own private rooms. The housing facility will have central air conditioning, equipped modern kitchen, outdoor spacious garden, living room, and dining area.

Judy A. Minetree will be in charge of the housing program that will be launched in 2021. The first housing facility will be located in Central New Jersey. We will promote our services to local municipality offices, senior centers, churches, service organizations; on our website; through direct mail to the community, service providers, social workers, senior advisors; and at various special events through announcements.

The housing program will be supported by fees for rent, donations from the public, and grants. The rental fee per resident will be approximately 30% of an individual’s adjusted gross annual income to help with the cost of the room and board and additional fees for food and services.