We are proud to announce the kick off of our 1st Capital campaign. We will need to raise $500,000 to buy and customize our first home, where we will be providing a caring, affordable home and services to seniors.
Be One in A Million
Your donation of 1.00 or more will begin to help us raise the funds needed to make this dream come true.

The Margaret Hague Foundation’s goal is to establish itself as the leader in shared living services, by providing caring affordable housing and services to New Jersey low income seniors. As a non-profit 501(c)3, we need your help to realize this vision. Will you join us in giving a better quality of life to our treasured seniors?  Please make a donation now.                                 

Thank you for your support!

Our homes will be a unique choice for seniors seeking not to live alone, but still have their independence in a non-institutional environment.  The home will have 2- 4 residents who will live together family style. We will feature affordable family-style living enabling seniors to age in place, while offering assistance with laundry, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Our residents will be asked to sign a lease for his or her bedroom and the shared use of the common areas including full kitchen, dining room, family room and garden.
If you read newspapers you already know that the costs to rent or purchase housing is becoming increasingly less affordable to millions of persons, both for those on fixed retirement incomes as well as older adults whose only income is social security and perhaps a small pension.
As Americans are graying the numbers of persons 65 years of age and older is growing dramatically and while many in this "age wave" have the financial resources they need, many do not. For those who have only small pensions, social security and a few assets, their only hope for safe, secure and affordable housing was through units built with the assistance of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the tax credit programs.
Our vision is to provide a more personal option, 2-4 seniors sharing a home where their needs are provided. Not just the essentials but the whole person’s needs, mind body & soul. Respecting each as an individual with a life time of unique experiences