The Margaret Hague Foundation was established to provide caring and affordable housing and services to healthy, low income Seniors in New Jersey.

Through our services we seek to provide for the physical, social, and emotional needs of our older generation.

Our Goal

The goal of the Margaret Hague Foundation is to establish itself as the leader in shared living services, by providing caring affordable housing and services to seniors. According to the NJ Elder Economic Security Standard Index, the cost of living for NJ seniors is their highest expense.

Our Vision

The Margaret Hague Foundation's vision is to be part of the solution by filling this gap, providing a more personal and affordable option, 2-4 seniors who are carefully screened and matched sharing a home living together in a cozy homelike environment

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, we need your financial support to deliver our vision.

Current Status of Our Development

Housing for the Elderly Program

We are in the process of developing a program to offer affordable housing for healthy low income seniors residing in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Each home will accommodate 2-4 independent adults of the age 62 or older.

The housing facility will be a shared home offering a state of the art living environment, security, companionship in a family-style living arrangement without home ownership burdens.

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Services to Seniors Programs

Along with providing housing services to our residents, we will also be providing services to care for their social and emotional needs. This will include setting up necessary transportation for our Seniors and organizing volunteers to visit with residents. Our elderly need warm outside human contact and conversation like everyone else. We will be developing programs to meet these and other social needs.

You can be a part of this exciting opportunity

Our Seniors have given us so much. We have been blessed with the accomplishments they have left for us and also the wisdom they have imparted to us. Get on board and start making a difference in the lives of Seniors in your community.

Give back some of the love they have bestowed on us by getting involved. Everyone has something they can share with our Seniors, whether it be financial donations, volunteer services, special skills, or the most important thing of all...your time. Contact us to learn more.


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